West 5th Weekly: What I’m Loving In August

August has been a month for shopping, finding new inspiration and soaking up the summertime goodness. It’s almost hard to believe that August and the summer is coming to a slow close and soon enough we will be welcoming fall with open arms.

As much as I love the summer sun and the beautiful weekends, I can say I’m super excited to throw on my cozy sweater and play in the leaves when fall does finally settle in. But before I can do that, I have to share with you what we’ve been up to this month and what new items we have brought into the house! I’m all about changing decor over season to season, so stay tuned for more house updates soon.  For now, keep reading on to see what’s new with West 5th Weekly:

We’ve been searching for a new piece to hang over our fireplace and gathering as much photo inspiration as we can to see what we really love.  This adventure piece was hanging out at Hobby Lobby (one of my ALL time favorite places to shop for home decor) and we fell in love. We didn’t end up with this piece as it ended up being too big for our space, but if you’re at Hobby Lobby, take a look and try to grab this beauty while you can.

With fall right around the corner, my brain has started moving towards the cozier items. So, while I was at Target last week, I picked up these SUPER soft grey slippers! Perfect for when the house is feeling chilly and I need an extra layer, plus they’re super light so they don’t make you feel like you have slippers on at all! Grab a pair for yourself here (YES, Target does ship to Canada now!).


For a new adventure, we decided to check out Vancouver’s famous donut shop: Duffin’s Donuts! They have amazing selection and you can get 12 donuts for only 10 bucks! Highly suggested if you’re visiting our great city or if you need a quick sweet treat on your commute.


I managed to get a little crafting in this weekend and I decided to tackle a new pillow for our bedroom. Can you tell I love Target? Well, if it’s news to you this pillow really does describe my life and my love for a certain retailer and coffee chain. See more posts like this on West 5th’s Instagram feed that you can see to the right of this post or by visiting here.


Last but not least, we picked up this gorgeous wall clock in downtown Seattle while we were exploring the city.  I love the modern feel it brings to our bedroom and the practicality of keeping us on schedule in the morning’s before work. I love it so much, I’m considering grabbing a second for our living space! Grab yours today before they all sell out, you can find them here.

Don’t forget to soak up the rest of summer before it’s gone…




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