Weddings & Pinterest: How To Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

If you want to know what will be the one thing that may overwhelm you throughout the process of wedding planning , it will be Pinterest. While it’s an amazing online planning tool, it can be completely overwhelming because of all the options that it offers and how many ideas you can gather in one sitting.


The biggest issue is the fact that Pinterest doesn’t have an end point, it’s literally meant to supply you with endless ideas, inspiration and dreams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can see where that might be a bit of an overload for a bride or groom planning a wedding, especially if you don’t have a defined vision.


But that doesn’t mean you should stop using Pinterest all together, it just means you have to learn where to stop scrolling and find a way to reign in the endless ideas and find the ones that really work for you, for your wedding and for your budget. Because at the end of the day, Pinterest doesn’t care about your budget, it will show you anything from the top of line dresses to the most picture perfect venue you have ever laid your eyes on. So learning to self filter what you’re looking at can really be beneficial and can help you turn Pinterest into a helpful wedding planning tool rather than an overwhelming mess.

So that leads us to the biggest question, where do I start? Well, I have a few suggestions that might help along the way and you might just find Pinterest more useful than you did when you started. Check out the tips below and see if you can apply any next time you’re pinning your heart out!


How To Make Pinterest Work For You & Your Wedding:

Tip #1: My first tip is to get yourself some Pinterest boards set up before you start pinning for wedding planning. What I did is this: I had one board that was for general wedding inspiration and ideas and then I  also had a private wedding board that only I could see.  By having two boards, it helped me categorize items and figure out what I thought was “pretty” and what might actually work for our personal wedding. Anything that I thought looked good went on to my general wedding board, which was a huge mix of items and ideas. Now while these might not be ideas I used, I knew I wanted them in my back pocket just in case. As for the private board, I used that more realistically as it held ideas I knew I wanted at our wedding and it helped me narrow down what I had in mind and what I had to do.

Tip #2: Be realistic about the kind of wedding you’re looking to plan and execute. This is important when you’re using Pinterest as it’s easy to get over your head with great ideas and projects that you think you must have. This means not pinning items of venues that you know you won’t marry at or dresses you know you can’t afford. This will lessen any regrets when you do find a local, venue or the perfect off that rack dress that may not be what Pinterest recommends but is perfect for you.

Tip #3: Don’t forget to be specific about what you may be searching for.  It’s an easy habit to constantly search within the wedding section, but make sure to search out specific items or details to really get some good inspiration on what you’re looking for. For example, when you start working on a detail such as a candy bar, make sure to search keywords surrounding your wedding ideas, theme and time of year to get more tailored ideas and inspiration.

I know that Pinterest was one of the big reasons we spent so much time on our decor and details and it sure made the whole process much easier once I learned how to make it work for me. Once you get that control, you can make a solid dent in the planning process and breathe a little easier knowing you have some great ideas in place.

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Happy Pinning…



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