Wedding Week Series: The Reception

Welcome to the fourth installment of our wedding week series! Last week, we talked all about our romantic ceremony and the week before that was all about our look on the big day. If you’re all caught up on those posts, keep on scrolling to get to the party portion of our series: the reception!

After an emotional and perfect ceremony, a breather was needed both for our guests and us! So, we had our guests head to cocktails to enjoy some light appetizers and drinks while ourselves and our bridal party headed out to take some pictures.


While the weather didn’t cooperate, we managed to make the best of the backdrop and got some great pictures.  After some rainy photo adventures, our bridal party joined our guests and Mr. W and I snuck off for some snacks and downtime before the party officially started.

As the guests started to filter into the reception, we had animal themed table assignments that led them to their seats. Each guest found a mini box of M&M’s at each seat and a few activities to pass the time until the start of the reception.





Once guests were seated, we made our entrance and headed into the food portion of the evening. We chose a rustic Italian menu that consisted of Italian chicken noodle soup, garden salad and the choice of prime rib or stuffed lemon chicken.

Of course, you can’t forget about dessert! For our guests, they enjoyed a chocolate lava cake with a caramel filling. As for our wedding cake, we decided to have just a small cake for ourselves, which had a lemon buttercream and the inside was a vanilla and chocolate marble cake.



Our rustic nature inspired cake that also included our two cats, because why not right?

As a side, we provided a candy bar for those late night sweet tooths and everyone went home with an overflowing bag of penny candy which is always a hit after a night of dancing and fun.

We also decided to serve a late night snack of good ol Canadian poutine, which never made it in the photos, which tells me it must have tasted so good no one stopped to grab a picture!


Once our guests had filled up on food and shed some tears during the speeches, it was dancing time! We went ahead with the traditional three dances and we also added in an anniversary dance that celebrated all of our couples and those who have been married longest.


The dancing didn’t stop after those special dances concluded, between our photo booth and a packed dance floor our guests had a great time and kept the energy up until the crack of dawn!

On Friday, we’re talking about all details from the big day and how it all came together. Check back then for more of this wedding series! 



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