Wedding Week Series: Our Wedding

I have a super exciting announcement for West 5th and it’s something I have been excited to share for a long time: our wedding! If you’ve done some reading, you’ll notice I touch on small parts of our wedding planning process and have written some wedding how to’s such as this and this, but for the first time ever I’ll be featuring our full wedding  on the blog for an entire two weeks!

I’ll be covering a full walk-through of our wedding touching on topics such as our look, the ceremony, our reception and even some of the small details and touches that pulled it all together. Within those post’s you’ll see new pictures that haven’t been posted before and each post will be packed with tips that hopefully make your wedding planning process that much easier.

This series comes at a special time as we will be heading into to celebrate our one year anniversary. It’s been an amazing year of new adventures and learning how to be husband and wife and what a better way to celebrate than reviewing our special day and sharing it all here right on the blog!


I hope you’ll join us for this exciting series and follow along as we review our special day. This series will begin on October 4th, 2016 and run for approximately three weeks as we cover some of the best highlights from our day and share some never been seen photo’s and videos. Stay tuned for updates on Facebook and Instagram and I hope you’ll join us on October 4th!

Let the wedding review begin!



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