Wedding Week Series: Our Look

The start of our wedding series is here and I couldn’t be more excited to share the details of our big deal! For the first post in the series, I am starting off with our look because usually, that is one of the first things brides and grooms are thinking about next to the venue.

When Mr. W and I started planning the wedding, I think I had a semi-clear idea of what I wanted to wear on the day of or at least had some basics nailed down. However, for him it took a bit of extra thought and time before he decided what his look would be for him and the boys! One thing that did make it easier to pick my dress, was knowing what our venue was going to be BEFORE  I shopped. I found that this set the tone for the type of dress I would be looking for and ruled out styles that I knew would be far too dramatic for our space.


The Dress

I consider myself lucky that dress shopping only took one (very long) day and I went home with my dress the same day. I ended up at David’s Bridal with all my girls in tow, with the thought that we would find “the dress” and have the bridal party try on dresses to get some idea of what they may want. I ended up trying on fourteen dresses in total, mine being the very last one I tried on. By the time I tried it on, I knew before I hit the mirror that it was the one and it was coming home with me. It just felt “right”, it was comfortable, fit me very well considering it was straight off the rack and had the perfect touches of lace and detail that I wanted.  For more details on the day of shopping and how to find YOUR perfect dress, check out this past post here.

I had my dress altered much more than I originally thought I would but in the end, it was worth it. I bought my dress off the rack for a GREAT price, so when it came time to make some changes it worked into my budget. I had thick lace added to the bottom for length and detail. I also had to bring it in by a bit and had cups added for extra comfort!

I went with a cathedral length veil and a beaded belt for the dress, both found on eBay surprisingly. I saved a bunch of money this way and got exactly what I wanted. My garter was custom-made locally and will be something I keep forever, LOVED IT.

The Details

We decided on rings from Michael Hill and we couldn’t have been happier with that choice! My ring and band came as a set and we later purchased Mr. W’s ring along with some gifts. As for my wedding jewellery, almost everything including my bridal party jewellery was purchased from Icing (hello treasure trove of amazing options) which I couldn’t suggest more whether you’re the bride to be or if you’re looking to buy your girls some gifts.

For shoes, I knew from the beginning I wanted to wear white cowboy boots and funny enough it was one of my first purchases even before getting my dress! They fit like a GLOVE and the second I put them on I knew I had made the right choice. I also had a backup pair of blue heels as well as some jewelled gladiator sandals, but if I’m being completely honest I went barefoot from the start of the reception all the way to our hotel that night.

For makeup and hair, I made sure to have many trials to really nail the look I was hoping for and to work out any kinks that might come up. That ended up being a great plan because my straight as a board hair acted up in every single hair trial I had despite having an amazing hair team. But wouldn’t you know it on the wedding morning, my hair stylist showed up with massive curlers and went to create beautiful, dream worthy curls that lasted until after the ceremony. Between the rain and the nerves, my curls dropped but by then it didn’t matter as I was just happy to be married and enjoying the night!



The Suit

Men may have it a touch easier when it comes to finding an outfit for the big day, but it still required that we put some time into really figuring out what would look best. Before I knew it, Mr. W was trying on suits at our downtown Tip Top Tailors and within a few suits, he found the perfect one. He went with a two piece suit (the vest seemed overly formal) in a smooth, charcoal grey that looked sharp and fit him well. His groomsmen went with a slightly lighter grey suit sans jackets to help the groom really stand out on the wedding day.


For shoes, he decided on an elegant pair of oxford’s from Topshop that unfortunately didn’t arrive until well after the wedding day. This led us to a manic shopping trip two days before the wedding, but luckily we found a similar pair at our local Aldo and it left us with a great story to tell.



All the men rocked homemade burlap boutonnieres, DIY superhero cufflinks and character socks to match.



We managed to sneak in a first touch before the ceremony which meant we talked, exchanged gifts and had a moment before we got married to just say hi.  It was a calming thing to hear his voice without seeing him right before we walked down the aisle and it left us with amazing memories.


Stay tuned Friday for the next post in our wedding series…



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