Wedding Week Series: Details & Decor

This has been a fun week for us and the blog as we’ve been in wedding mode! This is now our fifth post in the wedding week series and today we’re talking all about the details and decor. If you need to catch up on past posts in the series, visit here. Otherwise, keep on reading to get into the details of our big day!

During the wedding planning process, one thing that was really important to me was the little details. I think this is because I tend to notice those little details at events or parties and I wanted to make sure ours stood out in between the big events and decor. Also, I wanted to include details that we found special and that would make us smile on the day of the wedding.


To start us off. we decided to do gift bags for both of our bridal parties. These bags were filled with little presents, letters, jewellery for the girls, hats for the boys and you can’t forget the superhero socks to go with the suits. We had a great time coming up with gifts and ideas for our friends and family and it made it fun for us to spoil these extremely important people as they support us and love us so much.



We also made sure to include some special touches for ourselves on the big day. For Mr. W we had him keep his grandfather’s whistle in his pocket and for myself, I created photo charms to have on my bouquet. I had a few pictures of past loved ones as a tribute and made sure to include some of our beloved pets to give me something to focus on if I felt nervous.


Along with those touches, each bridesmaid had a lock on their bouquet as well as my own and the guys all had keys to complete the theme and to go along with our lock unity ceremony during the wedding ceremony.  I also made sure to include some clippings from my mom’s garden as it added a little rustic touch to my flowers and reminded me of where I grew up.

Decor Details:

Now as for decor details, we tried to fit in just about everything we created for the wedding and most of it was appreciated and enjoyed! We really focused on signage for the different rooms and activities for the guests as we wanted to make sure they had the best experience possible.


My wonderful husband created almost all of the designs you see below and they can be found in our Etsy shop. While he tackled the printed designs, I made sure to contribute with hand painted signs and decorations. These are just some of our favorite details from both the ceremony, cocktails and the reception.


As our guests each received an animal when they found their seats, we made sure to have an animal for ourselves. I had the majestic goose while my husband was a powerful panda bear.  I also created custom “drunk in love” decals for our toasting glasses to add a bit of fun to the formal look.

For our guestbook, we went for a nontraditional idea and had our guests sign a chalkboard globe. By the end of the night, it was filled to the top with warm wishes and signatures and it’s now something we display proudly in our home.

We also chose to create a wedding mailbox to act as our card box for the evening. I can’t wait to have this same mailbox in front of our first home one day.

Last but certainly not least, it seems we did have one very special wedding crasher at our wedding that we met as we entered our reception space for the first time. It seems my family (the hilarious group that they are) decided to sneak our family kitchen chicken into the wedding.

Now, it was a running joke through the wedding process that he was not invited to said wedding but it gave us a good laugh to walk in and see a dressed up chicken sitting on the bar. He had a good time and even got involved in some of the dance floor fun. Silly Bob, at least he had a good time.


Next week, we conclude our wedding series with our favorite moments and final thoughts on the big day. I hope you’ll come back and join us as we bring this exciting series to a close.



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