Vintage Footstool Makeover

We have a vintage footstool that was just asking to be recovered. It was found in my parents attic, dusty but in really good shape. I fell in love, took it home and gave it some new life!┬áThis was my first attempt at recovering anything. I have always feared the process as I had no idea what to do and felt I might ruin the piece I was working on. But then my creative voice kicked in with a little encouragement and next thing you know, the stool was in pieces…

Vintage Footstool Makeover

You might remember it back from when we did our series on our DIY cat shelves. It sits under the cat shelves and acts as a safe step down. It is perfect exactly where it is, I just wasn’t happy with the white leather it was covered in. Since it lived in my parents attic, it had some marks that couldn’t be removed and it honestly screamed outdated. So we decided to do something about it!

The process itself was fairly easy, but it was our first try at recovering so it took some time for us to figure everything out. We started by removing the stools legs and hardware, so we were left with a blank canvas to work on.

Vintage Footstool Makeover

Once we had it ready to be recovered, we cut our fabric to size. We cut enough to wrap around the stool and some extra in case we needed it. Then we started stapling the material to the bottom of the stool. This part started easy and got harder as we went. We ended up having a few folds on the sides here and there, but we managed to match them up so they looked intentionally. Then I headed off outside to give the brown legs a coat of glossy white spray paint (This was my first time spray painting and it was FUN!) .

Vintage Footstool Makeover

After everything had dried, my handyman put it all back together and we finally got to see the finished product! I am so pleased how it turned out and how well it matches the room. When we chose our fabric we chose it to match every room in the house, that way we can move it room to room if needed.

Vintage Footstool Makeover

As you can see it fits perfect in our office and went from being a cute, modern stool to a cat perch…I guess the upside is Marley makes a great model and seems to approve! I can’t wait to do another project like this, it was so fun and turned out way less intimidating than I thought!

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Have you done any makeover projects lately? Any tips for a smooth process?

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