Tips For Travelling With Your Significant Other

West 5th was on a bit of an R&R hiatus last week, but I’m back and today I’m talking about travel! Part of the R&R from last week was skipping off to a quick weekend away in Seattle. For us Vancouverites, Seattle is a perfect getaway as it takes us to a new country and offers up some fun and exciting adventures.


Now, Mr. W and I have traveled a fair bit together and apart, so we both came into our relationship with a general idea of how we like to travel and handle things when we’re away from home. But that isn’t the case for everyone and on that same note, Mr. W and I  haven’t always had smooth trips because of different challenges that arise when you’re in a new place. But the best way to learn a lot about someone in a short amount of time is to travel, because you really will see a person in all different forms. Travel brings on challenges of directions, different routines, new food, new sights and new conversations which are all super important in building and maintaining a friendship and a relationship. So before you put your courtship to the test, consider these tips below for travelling with your significant other.


Plan Ahead:

When it comes to travelling with a partner, it’s important to be prepared for anything and have a general idea of where you’re going and what you plan on doing. This will cut out any unnecessary stress and will help both of you have a good look at what is to come. Now for those saying “Do we really have to plan everything?” Well no, you don’t however it really helps to have the basics down such as: A destination, accommodation and a few points of interest where you may like to spend some time! Sit down together, create a plan and start your adventure.


Be Flexible:

Being flexible when it comes to travelling couldn’t be more important, because as I’m sure you know: anything can happen when your on a new adventure. So, because of that it’s important to stay easy-going and realize that even the best laid plans will most likely change and you might have to be ready to roll with the change. This could be anything from bad weather to traffic jams, but the end game is that no matter what happens you still make the best of the trip and find new ways to enjoy the change.

Talk It Out:

Communication is important in any situation, but is especially important when travelling with a significant other or friend to keep the trip running smoothly. So to make sure you keep lines of communication open, make sure to voice any concerns or new ideas to your traveling partner and work together to talk out anything that might arise. This will help keep any tension off the table and will help if any major issues arise, as you’ll already be on the same page.

Have Fun:

Last but certainly not least, when you travel with a partner the main goal should be to have fun and make new memories. Plan fun stops if you’re on a road trip or look up a new place to try if your landing in a new area. Find ways to kill time together by playing car games or bring a few options to keep you busy if you both find yourself bored. Whatever you do, plan to have fun and enjoy each other’s company because at the end of the day that is the whole point of going together and getting away from everyday life.

I hope these tips help you as head away on your trip. I wish you safe travels and I insist that you take as many pictures as possible so you can treasure those memories for years and years. Also, don’t forget the snacks. Snacks are important.


Happy Trails…



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