This Year: Drink More Water!

We wrapped up Christmas this week at West 5th and finished our holiday’s by ringing in the new year! Now it’s time to develop some healthy water habits and start the new year off right.

Water Habits: Make Water More Exciting

Anyone else still recovering from the holiday’s? I know I am. I was lucky enough to have almost two weeks off over the holiday’s and boy did it fly by. In a mere two weeks, we celebrated Christmas at home and with family, stuffed ourselves with as much turkey as possible and we even managed to get away for a few days in Seattle! Now that it’s all come to a close, I’m starting to think about ways to get healthier. I’m trying to start small in hopes that I don’t feel overwhelmed and get distracted (this happens more often than not) and find some goals that I can actually keep.

One of those goals will be to: Drink More Water! For me, I drink a ton of water during my work day but I come home and completely forget to continue drinking water into the evening. So I have set out to find a better way to get more water in, whether that be by finding ways to make water more exciting or by making it more accessible.  In my researching of this topic, I found some great inspiring information:

  • Find a way to make water more exciting by adding fruits, veggies and even herbs! For example: I started my day today with a (Venti sized) reusable Starbucks tumbler filled with cold water, ice, frozen fruit (peaches & strawberries). The only thing I forgot to add was Chia seeds and next week I want to start adding lemon as well.
  • Mark it down! I picked myself up a new notebook over the break and one thing I want to track is how much water I am drinking. Do this with check marks, dots or even little rain drops. Find something that works for you and stick with it!
  • Set your water goal. I found a great equation when you are trying to figure out how much water to drink. Take your weight in pounds /Divide/ that by 2 and you will have how much water you should be drinking in (Ounces). To make it easier you can also convert ounces to cups. I’m going to try to drink my recommended amount, but it won’t be easy!
  • Prepare your water ahead of time. I know it might seem silly, but you are more likely to drink water if it’s ready and right in front of you. I am going to try to keep tumblers full with water in the fridge and have add-on’s like fruit, ice and seeds readily available. I feel this will not only make drinking water a whole lot easier, it might also help me resist temptation!

These are just a few of the things I am going to do to encourage myself to drink water! I’m hoping you’ll join me in my water drinking adventure and share with me how you are drinking more water this year. Let’s chat below or come over and join the discussion on Twitter!

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