The Complicated Chair

I’m not kidding when I say this chair is complicated. It gave me a weekend of stress and had me rack my brain for ANY solution. It seems it’s story isn’t exactly over yet. Meet the culprit. I brought it home from our local thrift store over the weekend and I can say it’s been nothing but an issue since we got it home. I found it sitting by itself looking beautiful at first glance, but at a closer look realized it was rocking some pretty serious stains.

The Complicated Chair

 Now, in my head stains are always something that can be conquered, I mean we have Pinterest and Google for a reason right? Well, after I convinced my other half it was a good buy, I went off to convince the thrift store staff to give me a little discount due to the stains. It was marked at $12.99 (Normally, if this was stain free and at that price I would have had RUN out of the store with it) but I knew with the marks that were showing, they might just do a little better. So I ended up taking it home for $9.99, that way if all went wrong trying to get the stains out I didn’t really lose much.

Well, little did I know this chair was going to be so…complicated to deal with. I got home after a long day of shopping and thinking about how I was going to tackle this chair and I got started. I did a little research and figured out it was velvet or something close to that. Let me state now, I know NOTHING about fabric care and NOTHING about velvet but I thought it was like anything else. Well, that’s where I was wrong. I literally tried everything I could think of and find online: Baking soda, warm water, no water, dry cloths, damp cloths and every other cleaner product I thought might work on it. NONE of it worked. I even tried vacuuming, hair drying and the use of my floor steam cleaner, that last one was a desperate attempt.

The Complicated Chair


This is where I was at. I had tried everything and was very angry this chair wasn’t giving me anything. The stains may not look bad from the picture, but they cover half the seat and part of the arms.  I left it alone for a while and came back only to not have any new ideas. So, I put a pin in it. That’s right, I left it the way it was. I love the chair and it couldn’t be anymore perfect for our office. So, guess what I did? I grabbed a soft fluffy throw, threw it on the chair so it covered the spots and highlighted the good parts and tucked it into the desk. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m finished with this chair, it’s too perfect to sit there stained. Right now, it will act as a comfy desk chair that works perfect for our space and that no one would really know about,until they read this and then come over…but that’s beside the point.

Maybe in the next few months or maybe even a year, we will spend the money and get it professionally recovered. With something like this, I want it done right and I am willing to pay for that. I just don’t think it’s in the cards as of right now, but I’m not giving it up. It can just sit there until I come up with something better!

Now I really need furniture flop stories to cheer me up. Share them with us below! 


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