Tech Talk: iPad Mini Edition

For my birthday this year I was completely spoiled. I spent the weekend relaxing with friends and family and I got a very special gift from my one and only. He presented me with an iPad Mini on the night of my birthday, needless to say I was floored. It was such a thoughtful gift and the best part was he had it engraved, making it truly one of a kind.

Now that we are back to a normal week, it has given me time to explore the amazing iPad apps that are out there. I want highlight two of my favorite apps that make my DIY and design life just a little easier:

Via The Verge
Via Cult Of Mac
Paper is one of those apps I can’t live without. It’s basically an electronic sketch/notebook that lets you do pretty much anything. You can draw,sketch,paint, colour and much more and no matter what your doing it looks BEAUTIFUL! The options are endless when it comes to this app. You can personalize your book, add and remove pages and the best part is if your tired of one book you can close it and start a new one. This is a must have app for the iPad and a great place to let your creativity run wild.
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Via makeupbymaryann 
In last few years I have developed a serious love for party planning. I come from an immediate family of 14, so this means when we have a get together my guest list is 14 plus any others we invite. Basically anything we do turns in to event that needs to be planned and most times decorated, usually by yours truly. I have always looked for a place to collect my planning ideas and up until a while ago Pinterest was the only place I felt worked, enter Moodboard! Colours, words, pictures anything that goes with your theme can all go on your moodboard and give you a place to create, plan and execute. I originally found this app through my favorite party planning book celebraTORI by Tori Spelling, a must have for any DIY party planners out there.

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