30th Pearl White Anniversary Party

Well, it’s official! Mr. W and I were finally able to host a party in our home and in our backyard for the first time ever and we sure had a lot of fun! After living in apartments for so long, the option to host and throw a party has never really been there, so when we saw a milestone date come up we decided it was a great time to host a small get together. Mr. W’s parents celebrated 30 years together this year and that is something to be proud of, so we decided why not throw them a small semi (surprise) backyard dinner party.

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How To Choose Your Wedding Party

How’s wedding planning going? Hopefully you’re enjoying the process and have got a few things under your belt such as an idea on a venue and maybe even a dress inspiration or two. You might be at the point where you’re ready to start considering a few people to stand beside you and your fiance on your wedding day. This can be a really difficult choice for some, especially if you’re close to a lot of special people who are in your life regularly.

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Christmas PJ Party! (With A Sassy Photo Booth)

This past weekend we got our closest friends together and had an adult PJ party. It was complete with onesies, pizza and 90’s Christmas Movies!

Christmas party season has officially begun! We kicked it off this past weekend and threw a cozy party for our closest friends. We pulled out all the stops we could think of: A dress code of pajamas, pizza for dinner and a special viewing of the Santa Claus.

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