For The Love Of Blankets & How To Store Them

Hello, my name is Kate and I am a blanket addict…and you know what? I’m happy to admit it and shout out to the blogging world! My blanket obsession started early on with my very favorite baby blanket. It was the softest, white and pink blanket covered in Popples (Remember these guys?) and had a delicate white trim on the edges. My mom made it for me and it’s something I have loved since I was a baby.

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Quick Fix: Craft Closet Makeover

This past Sunday was a day for reorganizing around the house. The craft closet was the subject and a refreshing makeover was the plan…Keep reading to see how it turned out!

I sometimes wonder if Sunday’s were made for sitting in your pajamas, drinking tea and organizing. Most times that’s what I end up doing and end up being more productive than usual. This Sunday, the victim was my craft closet.

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