Incorporating Wedding Decor Into Your Home

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know all about how hard it can be to get rid of items with sentimental meaning. I know after Mr. W and I got married, I had quite a bit of decor to go through and figure out where it was to end up. Most of that decor, was sold which at the end of the wedding and planning process and that was a good move (because who really needs a several just married signs right?). But I did manage to hold on to a few items that I grew attached to over the planning process.

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Instagram & Westcoast DIY Bride

Have you heard the news? I’m getting married and planning a wedding!  For some of my past wedding posts head hereIf you need some help picking your wedding vendors and you want a look at our engagement photos, head here.

It’s pretty much been wedding mania, which is why you may not hear from me as much on here. We are planning, buying, designing and meeting with just about every vendor I can think of, but the best part is it’s been totally fun.

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