5 Goals To Make & Keep This September

I don’t know what it is about September, but I find I’m always encouraged to change up certain aspects of my life and start fresh with a new season. I think this is a good habit to get into, because it gives me 4 times throughout the year to reflect on my lifestyle and make changes where needed. Coming off of Summer, these little changes seem like a must because it can be so easy to get caught up in the fun and forget everything else.

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5 Quick Tips For Cleaning The House After A Cold

What is it about spring and sickness? Everyone and their dog seems to have a cold right now and germs are just freely flying. I find in our home, when Mr. W gets sick, I’m not far behind and visa versa. This time around, he came home with work sniffles that turned into a full-blown cold, so it’s nothing but soup, blankets and rest for him. But once all the foggy-ness has passed and you can finally breathe again, it’s amazing how much you can get done with that new-found energy. I personally go into house clean and sanitize mode to make sure all of the germs and otherwise are out of the house for good!

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10 Ideas For Using Chia Seeds

I originally found chia by doing some reading on my favorite blogs. Everyone was raving about how great they can be for your diet and in your everyday meals. So I decided to pick up a pack and give it a try. I picked up a bag and made a basic chia gel (more on that below) and started using them in everything I could think of. Well, it’s almost been 3 weeks and I can say I still love using them and I am always looking for new ways to add them into our diet!

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