Incorporating Wedding Decor Into Your Home

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know all about how hard it can be to get rid of items with sentimental meaning. I know after Mr. W and I got married, I had quite a bit of decor to go through and figure out where it was to end up. Most of that decor, was sold which at the end of the wedding and planning process and that was a good move (because who really needs a several just married signs right?). But I did manage to hold on to a few items that I grew attached to over the planning process.

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For The Love Of Blankets & How To Store Them

Hello, my name is Kate and I am a blanket addict…and you know what? I’m happy to admit it and shout out to the blogging world! My blanket obsession started early on with my very favorite baby blanket. It was the softest, white and pink blanket covered in Popples (Remember these guys?) and had a delicate white trim on the edges. My mom made it for me and it’s something I have loved since I was a baby.

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