Christmas PJ Party! (With A Sassy Photo Booth)

This past weekend we got our closest friends together and had an adult PJ party. It was complete with onesies, pizza and 90’s Christmas Movies!

Christmas party season has officially begun! We kicked it off this past weekend and threw a cozy party for our closest friends. We pulled out all the stops we could think of: A dress code of pajamas, pizza for dinner and a special viewing of the Santa Claus.

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How Do You Decorate: Christmas Colouring Station

This week we are diving into our first series of the Christmas season. How do you decorate? We are talking about creative, frugal  ideas for decorating!

Well, December 1st has come and gone and that means a few things. It means West 5th Love is now a Christmas wonderland in house and on the blog. You’ll be seeing a lot more holiday related content for the month of December, as well as some sneak peeks into the events and happenings at our home.  It also means that most people are starting to think about decorating the house and untangling Christmas lights.

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Vintage Footstool Makeover

We have a vintage footstool that was just asking to be recovered. It was found in my parents attic, dusty but in really good shape. I fell in love, took it home and gave it some new life! This was my first attempt at recovering anything. I have always feared the process as I had no idea what to do and felt I might ruin the piece I was working on. But then my creative voice kicked in with a little encouragement and next thing you know, the stool was in pieces…

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