30th Pearl White Anniversary Party

Well, it’s official! Mr. W and I were finally able to host a party in our home and in our backyard for the first time ever and we sure had a lot of fun! After living in apartments for so long, the option to host and throw a party has never really been there, so when we saw a milestone date come up we decided it was a great time to host a small get together. Mr. W’s parents celebrated 30 years together this year and that is something to be proud of, so we decided why not throw them a small semi (surprise) backyard dinner party.

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5 Quick Meals For Busy Nights

Almost everyone we know is busy. Busy with school, work, kids, family, commuting, sports…the list goes on and a busy week usually includes hectic schedules. While Mr. W and I don’t have a crazy schedule to adhere to, we do find our nights fill up fast with different appointments, dinners and plans. Because of this, I started doing some meal planning for the two of us as it ensures we will have a homemade meal and instantly takes the pressure off when it comes to the big question, “What’s for dinner?”

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