Sleeping In Seattle

As I mentioned last week, we spent the whole weekend in Washington state shopping, exploring and picking up our Love Sac cover! It was a great weekend and with the time change we got an extra hour of quiet sleep away from our noisy kittens!

Sleeping In SeattleIf you have been keeping up with my Instagram you would have seen highlights from our great weekend. We stayed at the wonderful Embassy Suites which has been my favorite hotel for a long time. We have been going there since I was a kid, so I can always find good memories there. Most of the weekend was spent shopping, but there was some downtime in the evening. We took advantage of happy hour and dinner in the hotel and I even managed to find time to break in my new Pink sweatpants.

Sleeping In SeattleHappy Hour & Trying Out A New Card Game

We also had our first experience at a Cabela’s. It was a first for us as we don’t have anything that even compares in Vancouver and let me tell you the sheer size of the store was overwhelming.

Sleeping In Seattle
Checking Out The Store “Displays” And Posing With Mr. Bear!

The one thing I did really love was the massive fireplace that greets you at the front door and the vendor selling roasted cinnamon nuts, it was like smells of Christmas arrived early! We also picked up our Love Sac cover as I mentioned, I’ll be reviewing that in another upcoming post and showing you how we wrangled the beast into a soft, cozy cover.

Sleeping In Seattle

The real highlight of the trip was getting to spend a quiet weekend away with my best friend. He makes everyday that much better and keeps me laughing by making up his own lyrics to songs while we cruise down the highway.

Stay tuned this week for an update on our Love Sac and more DIY projects!

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