Roundup: 10 Perfect Pet Gifts

As the holiday’s start creeping in, it’s time we start thinking about presents for our family and friends. But what about our furry friends? We can’t forget about them! I know for my pets, we love to spoil them with gifts whenever possible but especially over Christmas. Whether it be a small gift or a big one, it will make your pet jump with joy! Check out our roundup for this week covering our 10 perfect pet gifts.

Roundup: 10 Perfect Pet Gifts: Rounding Up The Best Pet Gifts This Season! Check out our picks below:

  1. Bauer Pottery Co. Monterey Dog Bowl: These firehouse style bowls are a perfect addition for any dog big or small! They come in multiple colours and can be used for water, food or even treats.
  2. Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera: Are you at work all day wondering what your pet might be up to? Well the wonder stops here. Set this techy device up before you leave for work and you’ll have full access to your pet all day. The best part is it connects directly to your smartphone or tablet so you can watch on the go!
  3. Whole Home®/MD Christmas Stocking: I love these custom stockings made for your pet! Not only will the look great hanging on the fireplace, they can be personalized with your pet’s name! These are a must have for the Christmas season.
  4. Sushi Fun Cookies For Cats: These fortune cookies are great for your kitten or cat. They are filled with organic cat guaranteed to make your cat go crazy! As if these cookies weren’t cute enough, they also come with a little cat themed fortune on each one!
  5. Cat Lovers Glass Ornament: Not only would these personalized ornaments look amazing on the tree, they’re a great way to commemorate the pet in your life.  You can find almost any type of breed, cat or dog and have it customized to your liking.
  6. Custom Dog Silhouette 16″ Pillow: I love the colours and look of these pillows, perfect for showing your dog’s true personality. Using a real picture of your pet these pillows will represent your pet perfectly and give you and them something to cuddle up to!
  7. Personalized Dog Bed: Aren’t these dog beds amazing? Perfect for a larger or small dog and can be custom made to include your pet’s name! Just imagine how happy they’ll be to see this under the tree this year!
  8. Upcycled Autumn Orange Pet Bed: This cat bed speaks to my inside DIY side. I love that a vintage suitcase has been turned into an adorable cat bed! Not only is this a unique piece, it is bound to stir up some conversation with your guests and visitors.
  9. Pet Photo Books: While it may not be a gift for your pet directly, a photo book marking the funny, happy and important moments of your pet’s life is priceless. This makes a great gift for the pet lover on your list or for a loved one who wants to look back on all the great memories.
  10. Rogz Grinz Treat Ball Dog: If you are looking for a laugh and a way to entertain your dog, this is the way to do it. These hilarious chewy balls are perfect for dogs of any size and are bound to be a hit at the dog park.

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Roundup: 10 Perfect Pet Gifts

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