Ribbon Organization 101

This weekend was full of to do lists, unfinished projects and our first try at re upholstery. During all this I finally put one of my garage sale finds to work and created a new storage solution.

Ribbon Organization 101

This was the perfect weekend project that really helped with organizing my craft closet and only took me about 5 minutes!

Ribbon Storage 101

This project was partly inspired by the basket you see above. If you follow us on Instagram it might look familiar and it was also highlighted in one of our past posts. I actually picked it up at a garage sale for only five bucks, only to realize it retails new for about $115! It was a steal to say the least and when I first saw it I knew I wanted to use it for ribbon storage!

This project couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is take a piece a thin piece of dowling and cut it to the size of your basket and stick it in one side.  Secretly, I didn’t have any craft dowling so…I MAY or may not of used a decorative twig from one of our decorative vases…But really what’s the difference right? Anyways, it worked just fine for what I needed and I didn’t have to spend any extra money.

Next, you can start piling your ribbon on the sticks in any fashion you like. I didn’t really have an order, just smaller ones in the back and bigger rolls in the front. Then you just pop the other side of the stick through your basket and now all your ribbons are ready to be dispensed. If you have extra stick length out the side of your basket, trim it down to what looks best. The added bonus about this basket, is that the blue piece on the inside acts as a pinboard. I will be pinning the ends of my ribbon to it so when I open it, it’s all ready to go!

Have you done any quick craft room projects lately? 

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