Repurpose: Wise Words & A New Look

We were busy over at West 5th this weekend as garage sale season is right around corner and preparations have begun for our annual family garage sale (a smaller version of the town circus). In between all boxes and organizing we decided to take on a little unexpected project.

This was our original problem. We bought this picture set thinking it would be a good fit for the wall and in fairness it worked for a little while. It was definitely time for a change, something that took up more of the wall and actually looked like it fit there.


When I was still living at home, this was the picture that hung over my bed. I have been in love with it since the first day I got it and it has been the one thing I didn’t want to get rid of. It’s been awkwardly hanging in our bedroom, looking out of place and honestly it made the room a little depressing.

Repurpose: Wise Words & A New Look

We decided the frame was really what I was attached to and not necessarily the print. So off we went to investigate if this would be an easy process or a hard one. Turns out it was a hard process as the backing was glued, stapled and STUCK to the back of the frame. After some fancy work we manged to dismantle the frame, insert the new print and craftily reassemble the layers. Double sided tape saved us a lot of extra work and held everything together nicely.

Repurpose: Wise Words & A New Look
This was the finished project. We found the print at Michael’s (Only cost of the project was $15 dollars for the print ) and it fit perfectly with the frame. We readjusted the hanging hardware so the picture would hang vertically and centered it on the wall! Not only does it look great, It takes up more of the wall and creates a nice extension from our living room to patio. Not only do I love how it looks, it is the perfect message to remind us that “It’s All Good.”

Have you done any repurpose projects lately? Share it with us!

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