Quick Fix: Craft Closet Makeover

This past Sunday was a day for reorganizing around the house. The craft closet was the subject and a refreshing makeover was the plan…Keep reading to see how it turned out!

I sometimes wonder if Sunday’s were made for sitting in your pajamas, drinking tea and organizing. Most times that’s what I end up doing and end up being more productive than usual. This Sunday, the victim was my craft closet.


What started this spark of inspiration is one of my new addictions: Facebook shopping groups. Yes these are a thing and I am warning you now, they can be extremely addicting. Basically, one person starts a group such as “(Your City Here) Buy & Sell” or (Your City Here) Secondhand Shopping” and a bunch of locals join in. Rules are made to keep the group fair and basically you can post anything as long as it fits into the group. For example, I am a part of a few different groups that range from home items to clothes to even craft supplies! I have found so many great items and deals, I have seriously lost count of what I have purchased. Not to mention I have sold a ton of items and clothing that would have been donated if I couldn’t find them another home.  If you haven’t looked into these groups, please do so. Not only will they save you a ton of money, it’s a great way to meet other people who are most times right in your neighborhood.

I ended up buying a new brand new set of craft scissors on Sunday (18 different cutting blades, so excited!!) on a fancy wood organizer, but I wasn’t able to cram them into the closet with the rest of my crafting supplies. So I decided it was time to clean it out, reorganize and re-label.

Makeover Details:

  • I re purposed the scissor packaging by pinning  it to the wall for bow storage, which worked nicely.
  • I  grabbed a black 3 drawer organizer from our favorite thrift  store for only $2 and filled it with craft odds and ends.
  • I posted some fun pictures to dress up the white walls.
  • I used an old DIY block clock and stuck the blocks to the wall for a fo shelf.
  • With the use of plastic bins and paper file folders, everything fit nicely!

Overall it was a quick makeover, but well worth it. Everything is back where it should be and now just needs to be labeled (I got distracted by the Friends marathon on TV, Oops!)

Have you done any quick reorganizes lately? Where is your favorite place to organize?

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