Preparing For Our New Bundle Of Joy Part 1

A few months ago, we were desperately trying to find a solution of how to organize our soon to be occupied nursery. With our son soon on his way, I needed a way to sort out the most adorable and very small outfits.  I searched high and low on Google and Pinterest and thought I had come up with a solution.

That next weekend, daddy to be and myself drove to Home Depot, with measurements in hand, to buy plywood sheets to create shelves in the nursery closet.
Once the shelf were cut and installed, the idea was to paint them white. I soon because very impatient and wanted to see the pile of baby clothes in the crib disappear, so I decided painting could wait. We purchased large white metal baskets from Ikea to place on the shelves and I made cute laminated labels for each basket. I had each type of clothing organized by type and size.


A couple of months later, our baby boy joined the world on March 1st, 2013 at 10:12am. The most precious gift ever!


I soon became very familiar with the lack of sleep and sound of a screaming newborn that most new parents face.  As our boy continued to grow quickly, I started to realize, my once organized baskets of baby clothes were now out of order and spilling into the next basket. I also found the clothes were not being circulated enough, and he was growing out of outfits before I ever came across them.  I also realized juggling a new baby in my arms while trying to pull an outfit out of his closet was not working. Having my new Mommy brain, most times I had him undressed and then realized I needed to get across the room to dig for his clothes. I thought to myself, there has got to be another way!! Off to Ikea we went, looking for a new solution…

Stay tuned next week for Part two!

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