Planning A Wedding? Start Here.

So, your planning a wedding hey? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we have got everything you need to plan the perfect day! Whether you choose to have a small intimate wedding or a lavish 300 guest party, the basics are the same when it comes to planning.

Everyone who plans a wedding will need the following basics:

  • A Groom (If you don’t have this yet, planning may be premature)
  • A Venue
  • Food & Drink
  • Guest(s) (At least two legal witnesses, if no one else)
  • ¬†Vendors (Officiant, Photographer, Decorator etc)
  • A Dress and or outfit.¬†

So make a list and let’s start with these things. Everything extra like flowers, rings, cake and otherwise will come later, or maybe not at all if you want to go really simple. To get started, create a list of all the things you THINK you may need to create the wedding of your dreams. Next, highlight 5-8 things on that list that will become your MUST HAVES. This is really important when it comes down to budget and crunch time as you’ll want to keep what’s most important to you near the front.

Now, I am no wedding expert, let’s get that out in the open now. But I did just commit close to 2 years of my life and my fiance’s to wedding planning and picked up a few tips along the way. Now you may have seen some of our past posts, one of which was featured over at Wedding Paper Divas, so make sure to read up on that and keep an eye out for the start of our wedding series. I will cover everything from the start of planning, to booking vendors, finding the perfect venue, finding the dress and I will even share pictures and details from our own wedding held this past November.

I want to make sure YOU have the best wedding planning experience possible and hopefully you’ll find some tips and tricks that make planning your big day, a little easier.

For now, grab a glass of something good and go make that list!



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