Party Planning & How To Stay Organized

Oooh boy! I’m blogging about my all time favorite subject today: Party Planning & Organization! Those sweet words bring a smile to my face almost every time and once I start, I can’t be stopped.  

I think for me, the love for party planning started when I was a little girl, attending parties with my parents and family members. Just seeing the decorations, the amazing home cooked food and all of our friends and family come together for one big celebration was always a highlight for me. That same feeling has really carried over into my adult life as I love nothing more than a well hosted party that brings people together and allows for new memories to be made.

One of those picture perfect party moments, with good ol dad

I’d say my first real party planning experience started with my sister’s baby shower, I had way too much fun choosing the theme, finding the perfect party decorations and making sure a ton of thought went into everything that was put out. Now, I am no pro by any means but I find the more parties I get to help with or put together, the more I learn and that alone has really helped me hone in on what a great party needs to survive.  When Mr. W and I hosted our wedding, it gave me a real look at what hosting a large event looks like and how much blood (literal: crafting is a mean hobby), sweat and tears goes into these planned events.


One thing I find is most important when planning a party is staying organized, because it is way too easy to let things get out of control and lose track of everything. Whether it’s a matter of keeping all the decorations in one, labeled place or having an ongoing series of lists, it’s important to stay on top of things before they get out of control. I have complied my best tips for getting organized while party planning below, hopefully you’ll find something that applies to you and helps along the way of the planning process.

Planning a Party? Stay Organized, Here’s How:

  1. Create A Master List:  Lists play a huge part in the planning process as they can keep everything more organized and give you a good idea of what needs to be done. My first step before doing any planning is to create a master list for the whole event. Basically, list off everything you could possibly need for the party and keep it all on this one list. You can break it down into sections such as: food, decorations, prep work etc. or you can just make one big list of everything you need. This will be your main base list for the whole event and can be added to if needed. Once you have listed everything, use this list as your base for any planning and make sure to update or check things off as you go until you have a completed list.  This will save you the hassle of trying to remember what you may have forgotten and will keep you on track when it comes to crunch time.
  2. Budget: Budgets for most people may not be included in the organization process, but I can’t stress enough how important it is no matter the type of event you host.  You need to have some sort of budget in place whether you’re throwing a small gathering or a large, lavish party because it is far too easy to get lost in the process and spend like crazy (unless you have an unlimited budget, if so go crazy!). So start with the basics of what you will need to pay for: food, decorations, seating/tables, drinks, staff, venue etc. and see where you end up.  Once you have a starter budget in place, you can add and update it as things change because most likely you’ll run into something you may not have expected.
  3. Keep It All Together: When you finally get to the stage of buying items for the party or collecting certain decor, it’s extremely important to keep it all together. Whether you choose a dedicated spot or have a room for all the supplies, do whatever you can to keep all party items together.  Decorations work best in labelled tubs, with a description of what’s in the tubs and where they’ll be placed. That way, when it comes to set up day all you have to do is grab the boxes, check the label and set things up as planned. This is also great practice for when your ready to pack everything up as everything can go back into the labelled boxes and be tucked away for the next soiree!
  4. Be Open To Change: Nothing ever really goes as planned and that was a lesson I had to learn even being the over planner that I am. For example, I planned for a somewhat cloudy day on our wedding day and was met with one of the worst rainy Vancouver days I could have imagined. While it didn’t affect anything immediately, it took a minute to realize I need to be open to the opportunity that things may not go the way I planned.  So when it comes to party planning, from the beginning to end make sure to keep yourself open to change and always have a back up plan. This way you will avoid feeling out of control and will be able to keep the control as you plan your party. Make sure to leave room in your planning for changes or hiccups along the way and that way you will be prepped for anything that may come your way.

Party on Wayne…


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