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I find myself looking to organize things, more often than not.  Whether it be around the house or in the digital world, I am always trying to figure out a better way to get it together. I recently took on my email inbox, an easy task right? Well in my case it turned out to be a tad intimidating. 5,000 emails are waiting to be filed, deleted or flagged and surprisingly it takes longer then you would think. I’m still working on that organizing project but it’s coming along nicely and I’m really enjoying the ease of finding emails.

In terms of organizing at home, that’s a bit of a different story. For me I try to locate a problem spot whether it be our kitchen cupboards or our front hall closet. Currently, It is overflowing with shoes (Yes I need them all) and no matter how it gets organized, it always manages to fall apart again. Not being able to find a solution that works, I turn to the biggest organizing tool of all: Pinterest! For most things Pinterest is where I find my answer for almost everything and I am guaranteed to find what I am looking for.  I have rounded up the best of the best (That I have found anyways) when it comes to getting organized. The tips are endless but some of them are absolutely invaluable. I have also highlighted some of the past organization projects we have taken on here at West 5th. Check them out below and find your own inspiration to get organized!

DIY Mobile Laundry Station (Pic Via/HoosierHomemade): I have always wanted to do this in our house, but space has never allowed it. What an amazing way to keep laundry day running smoothly.

Window Box Bathroom Storage (Pic Via/OurFifthHouse): This is a great alternative to shelving or a towel rack. This storage will use up a small amount of wall space and keep your bathroom looking less clutter and organized.

Gift Wrapping Center (Pic Via/IHeartOrganizing): This is perfect for any door or room in the house! Wrapping storage can be difficult to work out and this solution makes it all easier! I also love how it doesn’t take up any valuable space on the floor or walls.

10 Minute Marker Caddy (Pic Via/AuntPeaches): If you are looking for a great way to organize office and art supplies, this DIY is for you! It takes no more than 10 minutes and doesn’t cost a cent. If you haven’t checked this out yet, don’t wait any longer!

How To Organize Free Samples (West5thLove): If you have more free samples then you know what to do with, this is for you. An earlier feature on West 5th Love on how to organize free samples and save space!

DIY Makeup Brush Organization (Pic Via/LoveThisPic): A quick and easy DIY to organize your make up brushes. All materials can be found at the dollar store and it looks great on the counter. This also could double an updated toothbrush holder

DIY Nail Polish Organization (West5thLove): This is one of my favorite projects on West 5th. A great and easy way to organize your nail polish and you’ll be able to see the colour before painting it on!

Ribbon Organization 101 (West5thLove): Lastly, a great way to keep your ribbon organized. I used a vintage picnic basket and a small rod to organize and dispense all my ribbon. This can be done with any space or container and makes it super easy to access what you have on hand.


How do you organize? If you have a Pin board dedicated to Organizing, share it with us below!
P.S: Check out my Organization board here

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