Organize: Closet Quick Fix

On Friday I managed to take the afternoon off and get some things done around the house. One quick project I took on was a closet reorganize which was well needed. When we first moved in our “Laundry Room/Pantry” was the first area we decided to tackle.

It was the right idea as that closet acts as the main hub of the house and it needed to be easily accessible.  Well, time went by and like most things, it become messy and inefficient.

Organize: Closet Quick Fix

The pictures don’t do the mess justice, but the other side looked worse and desperately needed some help.


  • Messy, disorganized shelves
  • No alike products were together
  • Laundry shelf/station was unusable
  • Things were literally falling out of the closet as I opened it
  • Full of expired or unused products
  • Labels missing or falling off


  • Like any project done right, I took everything out and started from scratch
  • I threw out any expired product/food
  • I made sure everything was in a basket/box to increase accessibility
  • I started to make donation bags for different places *See an upcoming post on how we are giving back this year*
  • I created a laundry station by re-purposing an old dishwasher silverware holder and pinning in on the wall. It now holds all my laundry samples and extras.
  • I also pinned any washing instruction labels and the care tag for our Lovesac
  • I made sure EVERYTHING had a label and was easy to find.


It didn’t take more then a few hours and it turned out to be well worth it. If you find yourself hesitating on a similar project, start small. Pick your area that needs to be organized and start slowly organizing it a bit at a time. Not only will you avoid being overwhelmed you can take your time and really start getting organized!

Organize Anything Lately?

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