One Day Master Bath Update

This past weekend we decided to spend our Sunday updating and overhauling our master bath. We are coming up on one year at West 5th and we are just now getting around to some problem areas in the house! Time moves fast when you’re having fun I guess, but now it’s time to get down to business and get things done before winter hits.

One Day Master Bath Update

We knew what this bathroom needed before we started: A fresh coat of paint, a storage solution for towels and accents to warm up the space. So, off we went the day before to pick up paint at Home Depot and to search for some accent pieces. We almost got everything we needed in one day, the only thing we didn’t find right away was a storage system but that comes in later.

One Day Master Bath Update: Paint ColourWax Sculpture Paint: Behr Paint & Primer. I Swear By This Paint!

The night before we got started on the prep work. Cleaning and washing the walls where it needed it, filling any holes and emptying out all contents of the bathroom. This part for us was especially important as the bathroom wasn’t in the best shape and really needed some TLC.

One Day Master Bath UpdateMy handy partner in crime working away!

The following morning we broke out the paint and got to work. We only purchased one liter of paint and assumed we would only have to do 1 coat as we were covering white. However, once we saw the first coat on we realized it would look even better with a quick second coat. The bathroom isn’t huge so we ended up having leftover paint for any touch ups.

One Day Master Bath Update

Once the paint was dry it was time to add in accents. We went to our local Walmart to find some of the things we didn’t find the day before. We ended up finding the perfect towel storage solution, new accents for the counter and we also found new art that fit perfect with our new colour.

Overall, the whole project took 8 hours including drying time and it only cost us about $100 to do the whole bathroom! It just goes to show with a little elbow grease and inspiration, you can make over a room without breaking the bank. We couldn’t be happier with the new set up as it has given new life to our bathroom and has made it an enjoyable place to get ready.

Have you done any 1 day home renovations? Any tips to make a renovation go smoothly?

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