Moving House + 5 Tips For A Smooth Move

Well, I’m happy to say that our little family unit is once again on the move. Since Mr. W and I got together, we have been moving to different places all over Vancouver, in fact for almost every year we have been together we have moved.

Now for some this may seem unsettling, but I think for us we love the new adventure and upgrades that come along the way. While I love where we live for the new features, being in the hub of the city and for all the beautiful nature we’re surrounded by, we need more space. We have been living in under 700 sq ft for about a year and we realized that they way we live now, isn’t how we want to live for the next few years.

So, call moving the trucks because we are starting brand new adventure in a suite rather than an apartment. This place is almost triple the size of our current home, has a backyard (big enough for entertaining, stay tuned on that) and has so much rustic charm, you can’t help but love it! This is great news for the blog as well, as I will be able to expand my posts to outdoor posts and entertaining. You’ll also see a lot of projects, DIY’s and home decor posts as we start building up our new space.

While we’re talking about moving, I thought I would share my tips for a successful move , seeing as it’s somewhat of habit for us. You want to make sure to get organized early, have a loose plan or timeline for what needs to get done and make sure everything is set in the old and new place before any big choices are made.

5 Tips For A Smooth Move:

  1. Create a master list: This is a big one that can really help in the long run. From the day you find out your moving,create a master list that will hold everything that either needs to be done, sold, moved or paid for. Make bold, clear categories such as: To Do, To Buy, To Pack, To Pay For etc. and start listing everything you can think of. From here you may make smaller lists, but the nice thing is you always have a master plan/list to refer back to and you won’t be left wondering what you may have forgotten.
  2. Pack, Pack Pack: It’s easy to say you’ll have enough time if you have 2-4 months to move, but no matter the time limit you want to get an early start. Start slow by finding and collecting moving boxes from stores or friends and family (avoid paying a premium for boxes you can find EVERYWHERE) and slowly start packing up the non essentials. I love starting with parts of the house we don’t use as much such as our patio or our storage areas.
  3. Plan For The Move: You might be thinking, “Haven’t I already done that with my master list?” In one way yes, you have a list of everything and anything you might need, but creating a plan for the move is  a great compliment for the list. If you’re doing the move yourself sans movers, consider asking for some extra support from friends and family. If you decide to go for movers, book them early to ensure you get the date you want and make sure to have a plan to finish packing on time.
  4. Prep Old & New: This step is really important to make sure your leaving your previous home in good condition and making sure you new space is ready for you to move in. It’s important to figure out who will handle the final clean on your old place, as you won’t want to try to figure this out the night before the big move. Also, you want to ensure the new place you move into is clean and doesn’t have anything that MUST be fixed prior to moving in. If it does, plan extra time for these items as they tend to take up the most time.
  5. Family Prep: Last but certainly not least, if you have children, pets or other family living with you, you’ll want to make sure everyone is ready to go. Make sure to have day of bags packed for all family members (including pets) so when you move in, you aren’t searching through boxes for towels and clean clothes. I always suggest making up a bag per person of clothes, fresh towels, laundry soap, bath products and a blanket. Also, make sure to plan for food over the move and the days before and after. From experience I can tell you, trying to organize food after a move is just the worst because your tired and not wanting to move or think. Our plan going into the new place will be to order groceries to be delivered shortly after we get settled in. That way it’s a no fuss way to make sure we have food and we aren’t running on fast food or quick eats.

What’s your best moving tip? Share it with us below!


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