Mason Jar Home Decor Inspiration

Has anyone else noticed that the mason jar “craze” never really came to an end? A few years back, mason jars came storming back into the home and kitchen world and never left, which I think is a great thing! I think it came down to the fact that people everywhere realized how great these little or big jars are and decided to embrace them and use them wherever possible!

I know for myself, I cannot get enough mason jars as I use them all over the house for different things. Whether it be a candle holder, a makeup organizer or used in a cute display, mason jars have saved my behind a few times when I have been in an organizing or decor jam.

Because these little jars are so cute and hold so much use, I find myself being inspired not just about the jar themselves but also artwork or home decor inspired by these little mason jars! To see what I’m talking about, keep on scrolling and check out some mason jar inspired home decor that definitely needs a place in your home:

Mason Jar Sconces: 

I personally love this idea for using mason jars as sconces, as they not only look great as a wall decoration but they also work as permanent wall vases for fresh flowers! You could make one of these and hang it as a stand alone piece or do a few together to create a unique pattern that would look great in any room.

Pic/Project Cred: shelterness


Mason Jar “Inspired” String Art

While this may not be an actually physical mason jar, I love how these little jars have inspired us to get creative and create a new type of art.  String art seems to be all the rage lately and what is better than creating your own decor to show off proudly to all visitors and family. With a few supplies, you’ll be on your way to creating a one of a kind string art piece for all to see!

Pic/Post Cred: sugarbeecrafts

Fall & Thanksgiving Mason Jar Display

This mason jar display couldn’t be more timely for the arrival of fall and the upcoming celebration of Thanksgiving! This simple project  takes a simple mason jar and turns it into a beautiful fall decor piece that would fit perfectly as a centerpiece on a dining table or as a stand alone feature piece. I think three of these mason jars, lined up together would make for a rustic, yet unique display and they won’t take up a ton of room which is great when it comes to storing seasonal decorations.


Pic/Project Cred: thecountrychiccottage

Faux Mason Jar Topiary 

Another way to bring greenery and mason jars into your home decor is to create a faux mason jar topiary that can be displayed on any counter or surface in your home. I love this idea to bring some fresh green into a bathroom space or a bedroom, without the hassle of dealing with a real living plant. All you will need is a few supplies (most can be found at the dollar store) and a cute mason jar to complete this project.


Pic/Project Cred: homeroad

Time to get creative…




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