Making Friends

Has anyone every noticed how hard it can be to make friends, no matter what age you are? Even all the way back to grade school or kindergarten, it was hard to approach new people or form relationships at all. Luckily, for the most of us we all latched on to one friend or group and made it out alive. But what about now, as adults?

I find the farther we get into adulthood, it gets harder to meet new people and branch out from our normal bubble of friends from the past, high school or within our work life. But it doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes a bit of effort and a slightly outgoing attitude. I have found the more we get out and do something, the easier it gets to meet surrounding strangers and create new relationships. But it really comes down to the “getting out” part right? It’s too easy to go home, throw on your pajamas (you know you do it too) and settled in for the night. So, for this year it’s time to get out and meet new people, that will in turn help you have new and exciting experiences. However, if your still feeling unsure, I have thrown together  a little quick list for meeting new people and getting out in the world.


  • Go Out: Is it really that simple? No, but at least this is a start. Rather then going home after work or spending a Sunday on the couch, go out! Whether it’s a walk to the beach, a trip to the local pub or setting up with a good book in the park, it’s all you have to do to get things started. Now am I saying you’ll meet someone just from reading on your favorite bench? No. But what I am suggesting, is that just getting out on a more regular basis can increase your outward confidence and help you become more open and appealing to the people around you. Whether it’s someone passing by who noticed the title of your book or someone drinking your favorite beer, you never know who you might run into and get to know.
  • Join Local Groups & Clubs: This is a great way to meet new people whether your single or in a relationship. Check out your local community centers, online boards and local news sites. You might be surprised what you find from cooking classes to mommy groups to a local running club! It’s a great way to get out with like-minded people and the bonus is they already have at least ONE thing in common with you before you even arrive!
  • Make Plans: This is the hardest one of the bunch I think  because it can be so easy to talk about making plans, but it’s another thing to actually make them. If you find yourself too close to home more often than you would like, call up a friend and make some plans! It can really helpful to do this at the start of your month and fill in plans as you go. Now, that’s not to say you need to fill up your whole month with outings, but at least with a plan you can guarantee you’ll be getting out regardless of what the month brings.

So the next time you have an opportunity to get out or accept an invitation, I encourage you to do it! Lord knows I need to take my own advice in this category as well, so I will be doing the same and start saying YES!

Let me know how your new adventures go in the comments, I’m excited to hear what you find!


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