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Have you heard the news? I’m getting married and planning a wedding!  For some of my past wedding posts head hereIf you need some help picking your wedding vendors and you want a look at our engagement photos, head here.

It’s pretty much been wedding mania, which is why you may not hear from me as much on here. We are planning, buying, designing and meeting with just about every vendor I can think of, but the best part is it’s been totally fun.


In fairness, we have had “moments” where things haven’t gone correctly, but we are mostly early enough in the game now where we don’t have to worry too much. I’m not doubting that will change, but that’s all part of it right?

Anyhoo, I wanted to pop in and tell you about a new and exciting addition that I have added to West 5th Love.  If your anyone who knows anyone, your on Instagram right? I feel like almost everyone I know is and I don’t hate that fact. Instagram is an awesome tool for sharing the best parts of your life through pictures and words. Whether it was a perfect meal you shared with you other half or an adorable cat, you’ll find just about anything on Instagram and lots of it.

Lately, I have been obsessed with scrolling though different bridal and wedding Instagram channels for ideas and inspirations.  Its been pretty amazing so far, enough so that I have officially created one for myself and West 5th Love! That’s right! Not only can you find us here on the West 5th blog, you can now find us on our wedding planning Instagram channel: westcoastdiybride. I’m having all sorts of fun posting about our wedding planning journey, our vintage finds and some extra engagement photos that weren’t featured here! I urge you to check it out as who doesn’t love a good dose of weddings and pretty things!

I’m also looking for any suggestions for wedding blogs, Instagram accounts or any other social channels that are a must see! I’d love to features some of the best, right here on West 5th. So leave me a comment below with your favorite and you might just see it on our next post!

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