Incorporating Wedding Decor Into Your Home

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know all about how hard it can be to get rid of items with sentimental meaning. I know after Mr. W and I got married, I had quite a bit of decor to go through and figure out where it was to end up. Most of that decor, was sold which at the end of the wedding and planning process and that was a good move (because who really needs a several just married signs right?). But I did manage to hold on to a few items that I grew attached to over the planning process.

Our vintage eBay find. While it held candy at our wedding, I knew it would be coming home with us for good.

We searched for these items, had them in our house forever and then saw them shining bright throughout our wedding day and that was enough for us to grow attached and find a way to incorporate them into our normal home decor and design plan.  But that was the tough part, incorporating these items without making the house look like it just walked out of a wedding store. We made sure to choose items we know we would use again and items that had sentimental value but also ones that we knew would look great within the house itself.


The best part of showing these items off around your house is they will always be a memory for you and a conversation starter for your guests. All it takes is someone to point one of the items out before we’re reminiscing about what a beautiful day it was or what adventure it took to find the item. So, in this case those items are not only adding a visual reminder, they also adding in detail that our home didn’t hold before. I love looking at the locks from our wedding ceremony or my favorite picture from the big day and feeling like those memories will never be too far away.


So, if you get the chance to keep a few select items from your wedding I highly suggest it. It can be something as small as a vintage keepsake or as big as a chalkboard, but keep those items and memories close to remember how you felt that day you said “I do”.


So, time to spill…what did you keep? Share it below in the comments.



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