How To Peel Garlic In SECONDS!

This trick has literally changed everything! In our house garlic goes in everything I cook and that’s the way I grew up. My mom loves garlic, my whole family loves it and even my boyfriend who didn’t love garlic when we first started dating, requests more of it on a regular basis.

How To Peel Garlic In SECONDS!

The only issue I have always had with garlic was prep time. I hate trying to peel it and taking the skin off, cause most times it just takes WAY too long. But this tip, the one I’m about to share with you will change all of that for good. Seriously.

Grab any container that has a sturdy lid. I have tried this with a pickle jar and a mason jar, both work perfect.

Take a whole head of garlic and put it in the jar and shut the lid. Now this is where the fun comes in. Start shaking that jar. Shake it like you mean it!!

You will start to notice about halfway in that your garlic is coming loose and falling out of its skin.

It takes an average of 17 seconds of shaking the jar to peel the whole clove. Now think about that, 17 seconds to peel an entire head of garlic…You can’t get even close to that when you attempt to do this by hand. For me this is an awesome time saver in the kitchen and gives me a few extra minutes to get other stuff done!

Now the one thing I have learned after trying this a few different ways, is you don’t have to peel the whole head of garlic if you don’t want to. What I do is cut my shaking time in half just until I can see the cloves coming loose. Then I take out what I need and pop the rest away. That way the garlic won’t go bad out of its skin and you’ll still get as many cloves as you need!

Next time you need garlic in the kitchen, try this! You won’t be disappointed and you might even get a little workout from all that shaking!

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