How To Make Your Wedding Personal

I’ll take a shot in the dark here at a phrase you may have heard throughout wedding planning: “It’s all about the guests.” I know that’s something I heard a lot and at first I was taken aback with the thought the our wedding day would be about the people attending more than it was about the two of us. But in reality, that statement held a lot of truth because as much as the wedding was about the two of us, it was also about celebrating the family and friends who supported us and helped our love grow.

But despite all that, you can’t forget that your wedding needs to be personal to you, because at the end of the day you’re the one left with the memories from the day for hopefully the rest of your life. So, how do you make it personal? Well, it can be done with a few simple touches that will stand out to you on your big day and help you in grain those memories that you’ll want to keep close forever.

How To Make Your Wedding Personal:


Surround Yourself With Love

It’s an easy thing to know that you will be surrounded by love on your wedding day, but why not take that one step further? This applies more for getting ready and before the actually wedding, but it’s important to surround yourself with as much love and support as you can on your day. Not only will this help with the stress of the day, you’ll keep yourself more comfortable knowing you have everything you love near by. This includes things like a good group of people who love you, your favorite pajamas pants to lounge in during the morning, pictures to flip through of your husband, or even just your playlist of favorite songs. These little personal touches go along way when it comes to really soaking up your day because you’ll be truly surrounded by everything you love the most.

For me, I included a lot of the things above but as an extra step I carried four charms that attached to the stem of my bouquet.  From top to bottom: My husband’s childhood cat Pepper who I loved very much, My nana who has passed but was so loved, my childhood cat who passed during the wedding planning process and last but not least our current cats who obviously weren’t around on the day of but seeing those little faces brought me so much joy. Also, yes we’re cat people and proud of it!


Decorate With Sentimental Items

Something that really stood out for me on our wedding day was all the sentimental items and touches we had added in. When I looked around the room, I saw these familiar items and they brought in such a wave of love it was almost overwhelming. So I highly suggest to find a few items that fit within your wedding and add them to the decor. For example, our in memory table that is pictured above shared pictures of our grandparents and family members who had passed but it also held some personal treasures.

The white typewriter was something my grandmother bought for me on one of our adventure days for only $2! While the keys laying on the table were found on a shopping day with my husband and had been in our living room prior to being at the wedding. Even though those details are little and might not matter to guests, you’ll see these items and know exactly what they mean to you.


Create Something Yourself

One easy way to throw in some personal touches to your wedding is by creating something yourself and including it in the decor or set up. This can be anything from a DIY project, a wood table your built yourself or even a sign that was hand painted. Not only will your love and effort show in these pieces, it will also bring a personal touch that only you could have created which makes it all more special.

We took on quite a few DIY projects throughout the planning process that took up a lot of time, but in the end that hard work showed and those personal touches really stood out.


Keep Home Close

Last but not least, the one thing that will make your wedding feel more personal is keeping home close. This means having items around you or being in a place that feels like home. Now for those with destination weddings it obviously isn’t possible to bring home with you however you can still bring aspects of home with you to feel comfortable.

This would be items like a cozy blanket, your favorite book to flip through, or maybe even food that you eat regularly! Keeping some similar items around can cut down on anxiety and keep you feeling extra calm as you head into your big day.  For me, I got ready in my childhood home and that instantly brought in a layer of relaxation knowing I was in a place of comfort with a bunch of familiar items.

Don’t forget, when things get stressful: take a break, take a walk and hug your soon to be husband. 



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