How To Make The House Smell Amazing

It’s no secret, everyone wants to have a house that smells amazing. Not only do you want a good smelling home, but you want your guests to walk in and wonder what smells so good on immediate entry. So today, I’m going to tell you how I try to make my own home smell good and hopefully it will apply to you as well!


The obvious response here is a clean house, as a clean house is always going to smell good right after being spruced up. But I’m referring to that next layer of smell, the ones that sit on top of your clean house smell like when you bake cookies or have a roast cooking away in the oven. You want to create a smell for you space that stands above the rest and sticks around longer than a spritz of Febreeze would.  Now, it would be easy to run to the store and grab all the air freshers you see, but I can tell you that not only will those smells leave almost as fast as they appear, most of them come with artificial additives that you might not want floating around.

I know for us, our kitten Marley has asthma and something that triggers it immediately is scented products such as Febreeze, so it’s an instant no go for us. So, in light of that we have found some other, semi natural ways to keep our house smelling good and it never takes more than a few minutes.


Stove top simmers are one of my favorites to use over the winter as they will warm up the house a bit and let off a beautiful aroma, handcrafted by you personally! This can be done anytime of year, just consider in the summer it might make things a little extra warm around the house. All you have to do is boil some water in a medium to large saucepan. Once boiled, you want to add in food items and herbs that come together to make a beautiful combinations of smells. As for what to add in, that part is up to you!

Mint, orange peel, lemon or lime slices, lavender, cinnamon, nutmeg, apple peel…the list goes on! Anything that will let off an aroma can go into your simmering pot to make a beautiful release of smell. Turn your pot down to a low to medium simmer and let it sit for a few hours, adding more items as you see fit. This is a great, cost-free way to make the house smell amazing.


When it comes to your home, the most important part of making it smell good is fresh air. This means getting rid of old, potentially stale air that is rotating around your home and replacing it with fresh, clean air. I suggest opening anything that can be opened such as windows, doors, or vents as bringing in this new air can help almost instantly with any smells stuck in your home.

Try and keep the air rotating through your space for as long as you can to completely refresh your home. This is also a great time to take any rugs, pillows, blankets or linens outside to air out and refresh as smells tend to latch on to anything well used and soft within the home. Before closing everything up, give the house a vacuum and a dust to solve any leftover smell.


 Now, I am all for saving money wherever possible, but this is one item I can’t help but splurge on for the sake of my home and the smells that live within it. If you want an easy way to combat smells that will also promote relaxation, I highly suggest a Saje Nebulizer. We got one for our wedding (Thanks Lynn!) and I’m not sure how we ever lived without it. You basically have a beautiful diffuser that you add a few drops of oil and water to and before you know it, wonderful steam starts spreading around your home packed with a light scent of your choice.

We personally love the scent liquid sunshine as it’s bright and cheery for those rainy Vancouver days. If you’d like more information on these, check them out here! I don’t have any affiliate with Saje, I just love their products that much! We currently have this diffuser in our home and a smaller, off brand diffuser from Amazon in our bedroom. I highly suggest getting a big one for your main space and a few smaller ones for your separate rooms.

What do you do to make your home smell great? Share your ideas below in comments.

Cheers to coming home to a fresh, good smelling home!


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