How To Host A Photo Scavenger Hunt + Free Printable

A few weeks back, my siblings and I decided to host a 45th anniversary scavenger hunt for our lovely parents! We are always looking for new ideas when it comes to celebrating their anniversary because after 45 years our ideas can get to be a bit of the same old, same old. So, to change that up we decided to host an all day event that ended with dinner and a viewing party!

This was great as it included all the family (and all ages) and it gave us a chance to explore our hometown as a group and really enjoy making new memories. We focused the hunt around taking photos and videos so that by the end of the evening we had enough to host a small viewing party together to show what each group had done. We even managed to send each group with some team flair, a snack bag and we had a grand prize for the winner. All these little touches seriously added to the fun and gave everyone a little extra to look forward too.

“Stage a marriage propsal” These lovebirds did a great job on this task!

Now, when I originally started looking into this idea I realized that online didn’t hold much for hope for a pre-made scavenger hunt list. So between Mr. Google and myself, I managed to put together a list of 45 items that includes gathering items, taking videos and snapping photos. So, in light of a fun adventure I wanted to share the printable here on West 5th Love! The scavenger hunt has been changed slightly as we personalized our’s for the anniversary event but really this list could be used for any event, in any town and any age really (you just need a few drivers).


The printable hunt list can be found below to be downloaded or printed. I have also left a space for any “house rules” you may want to add before the hunt. We added in points such as location boundaries, time limit’s and how to get bonus points. Once, everyone has a list and a form of transportation, send your group off on a super fun hunt that is bound to leave you with a few laughs and a ton of memories.


Download or Print West 5th’s Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy the hunt and earn bonus points by checking in and letting me know what you think! 



One thought on “How To Host A Photo Scavenger Hunt + Free Printable

  1. Pat Sanders says:

    Let me tell you how much fun this was. Our family out did themselves, we laughed and laughed. Could not have imagine anything more fun

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