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Can you believe it? He popped the question and now it’s time to plan the wedding of your dreams right? Well, before you get too far into planning, one thing every bride needs is something to wear! Whether you’re going for a traditional white dress, a short colorful number or maybe a fashionable pant suit, the options are endless and sometimes can be overwhelming.

I know when I went to find my dress, I had to do a ton of research just to get an idea of what was out there and within my price range. I knew I wanted a few things: a white dress, floor length and if I could pull it some lace accents. Now those details ended up leading me to thousands of dress options as it was a pretty broad and popular style, so I had to get a little more detailed. I knew I wanted to try to shop at David’s Bridal (despite some of what I had heard about DB), so I started on their site and picked out about 10-14 dresses that I wanted to try or at least look at. In the end of everything, this was super helpful as I could see what I picked in person and figure out what worked and what didn’t for my body and shape.

So I’m here to bring you some easy and straight forward tips to make your dress shopping experience easy, stress free and a good memory to look back on when your standing in front of your man saying “I Do

Research: This is really, really important before you step foot in a dress store. You want to do your research before you go shopping as it will help you feel prepared and reduce any stress that may pop up prior to shopping. Search through bridal blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, google, bridal magazine etc. until you start getting a clear idea of what you might want. Make notes, print pictures and make sure to take at least your top 5 inspiration pictures to your first appointment. This will make the whole process smoother and will give your consultant a great idea of what your dream dress looks like!

Find Your Crew: Making sure you shop with the right people, can really have an impact on how dress shopping goes. You’ll want to bring all your best friends, family and anyone else who might be excited, but I can tell you right now that is not suggested. The reason being: More people = More opinions  and that can make shopping very overwhelming. So what I suggest is bringing 1-6 people at most, whether it’s your mom, your mom to be or your best friend. I had both my mom and MIL, my big sister, my niece and my two sister in-laws (all of which who were in the wedding). I was so happy to have them there and they also had a chance to pick out dresses to think about until we were ready to order, which made things super easy when it came to getting all the girls outfits.

 Try On Everything: You may think you have the style perfectly planned out for your wedding dress, but you may be surprised at what works with your body best. I know I was, as I went in thinking about one dress style exclusively that ended up not suiting me at all. It wasn’t until my dress consultant and my mom said we should go from one spectrum to the other that the light bulb went off. I got to see the top of my budget/as princess like as you can get to the most simple dress they had and it really made a difference as I got to try everything on and eliminate as I go. I found that I wanted something slightly more than simple but I didn’t want lots of layers or fuss and I truly think the dress I picked that day was the one meant for me. It was light, perfect  fit (even as a sample dress) and suited me perfectly. I have included some pictures from my day of dress shopping below, stay tuned to future posts to see how the alteration process went and how the final product came out.

Sleep On It: Last but certainly not least,  if your unsure don’t make a rash choice about your wedding dress. Think about it like this: This is most likely one of the days that you have been picturing and dreaming about and one that you will remember for your whole life. You want to be comfortable and be the best version of yourself and a lot of that will be based around what you wear. So if you find your unsure, you have doubts, or you keep finding little things that don’t work for you, STOP. Take a step back, go for a coffee or take a day and sleep on your thoughts. Because at the end of the day you don’t want to deal with dress regret or buying something else because you made a rushed choice that you weren’t sure about. So take your time and wait until you get the feeling of calm. That’s right, you don’t need the crying and jumping up and down to know it’s your dress. You will just know, it will feel right and you’ll look good and everything will just feel like it should.

BONUS:  A few special pictures from my dress shopping experience at David’s Bridal!

Anything advice or tips to add for fellow brides? Share with us below.




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