How To Find The Perfect Wedding Venue

When it comes to planning a wedding, finding and securing the venue of your dreams is pretty important. Whether you’re looking for a small space for an intimate gathering or  large, sprawling ballroom for a big crowd, these points will apply either way.  You want to consider what kind of wedding you really want, before even looking at spaces or venues. This means, sitting down with your fiance and really getting down to the base of what your both looking for and what will be considered a deal breaker.


I found when I started looking (with no real plan in mind) the options were endless and it was almost overwhelming trying to figure out what space we needed, but I think that came back to not having a plan in mind and flying by the seat of my pants. So when you’re ready to go venue “shopping“, I want you to feel well armed and prepared before visiting your first one. These questions should help:

  • How many guests will we invite? And is this number flexible? (Will mom and dad add guests? Unexpected add ons?)
  • Do we want an outdoor or indoor space? or a mix of both?
  • What are 3 things we can’t do without? (Eg. In house cater, all-inclusive, multiple rooms etc)
  • What is our budget and do we have any wiggle room? This is a BIG one!

By starting with these questions and having firm answers before you visit, you should find it’s easier to really see the venues you want the most. For us, we wanted a space to hold around 100 people, we wanted a winter wedding and we wanted a space that would accommodate a dance floor/other activities. We also had a budget, which I can’t stress enough needs to be in place before you do ANYTHING in terms of bookings.

The big reason for that is you can end up falling in love with something you can’t afford and no deserves that kind of wedding planning hurt. So get a flexible budget in place and know exactly where you can and can’t go over and I promise you, wedding planning will be a breeze.


When you arrive at your venue meeting, take a TON pictures, ask as many questions  as you see fit (this is important) and make sure to visit as many venue’s until you find the one that feels right. There isn’t a one fits all venue for each bride or groom, so it may take a little time and creative thinking to find exactly what you want.

But let me tell you, once you find the venue of your dreams, the real magic starts as you’ll finally have the base you need to plan your big day!

Now go out and start searching!



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