How Do You Decorate: Using Children’s Christmas Books

This post is part of a Christmas decorating series, see the first post here. How do you decorate? We are talking about creative, frugal  ideas for decorating!

Earlier this week, we started a new series here at West 5th about Christmas decorating! I’m all about getting into the spirit and decorating pretty much wherever I can. ¬†But it’s not always in the budget to buy new Christmas decorations every year.

How Do You Decorate: Using Children's Christmas Books

So, I decided to get creative and find some frugal ways to decorate! Last post, we were talking about the Christmas Colouring Station. This post we are talking about how to use Christmas kid’s books when decorating:

How Do You Decorate: Using Children's Christmas Books

Children’s Christmas Books To Decorate!

Over the last few years I have started putting away and purchasing some of my favorite children’s book. One part of my reasoning is because I am still feeding my inner child with these stories and the second part is that I really want to have a collection for when I start having kids of my own.

These books are two of my favorites for the Christmas season as the bright colours pop off the neutral wall and the cover pictures really grab your attention. I have placed them on top of our wine rack and it brings some festive colours into a corner where there normally wouldn’t be any.

The best part about this decoration is it doesn’t cost much! Books can be found at your local thrift (Which is where the Oliva one came from, in AMAZING shape) or maybe you have the perfect books on hand already. You can use books to decorate pretty much anywhere, whether it be a stack of them on your table or displayed like I have done. Use your creativity here and have fun with it.

Having books like this out for decoration will encourage your guests and family to flip through the books and maybe even settle in for story time!

How Do You Decorate: Using Children's Christmas Books

How do you decorate for the holidays? Any creative, frugal ideas, share them with us below!

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