How Do You Decorate: Christmas Colouring Station

This week we are diving into our first series of the Christmas season. How do you decorate? We are talking about creative, frugal  ideas for decorating!

Well, December 1st has come and gone and that means a few things. It means West 5th Love is now a Christmas wonderland in house and on the blog. You’ll be seeing a lot more holiday related content for the month of December, as well as some sneak peeks into the events and happenings at our home. ┬áIt also means that most people are starting to think about decorating the house and untangling Christmas lights.

Creative Decorating Ideas

I can tell you one thing, our home on West 5th has been completely decorated. Other than a few things here and there, we managed to get everything up and looking good over the weekend. We decided to take a completely different approach to decorating the house and the tree this weekend, how might you ask? Well..

  • We decided to go for a completely different colour scheme for our ornaments this year. We have chosen to do silver and gold instead of doing red, gold and silver. This gives our personal ornaments a chance to stand out completely.
  • We have simplified. No clutter, only the decorations we really love come out this year and we wanted to make sure we weren’t overwhelming the house.
  • Lastly, we chose to decorate with things that you wouldn’t always consider a decoration. This is a great way for us to be frugal this Christmas. Which brings me to the next part of my post and the whole reason for this series.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be picking my favorite creative decoration from our own home and sharing those ideas on the blog. Today’s decoration is a mix of my favorite things: Christmas and the Thrift Store:

Creative Decorating Ideas

Christmas Colouring Station!

While it may not be a big decoration, it is serving two purposes. The first purpose is that it sits near our couch and brings some of the red and green colours to the area and for the second purpose, who doesn’t love to colour? Christmas feels like a great time to let your inner child loose and what is better than settling in with a coloring book and pencil crayons. We want to encourage our guests and visitors to fill up the pages with creative doodles, leave a name or a message and give us something to look back on every Christmas!

My favorite part about this decoration is that it didn’t cost me more than a few dollars to put together. I grabbed this doodle book from the thrift store (In great condition with a few scribbles inside), threw some pencil crayons in a jar (both I already had) and I added a cute bow (which by the way is Marley’s bow tie seen here).

Super simply and doesn’t take up much room. This can be done with any kind of book anywhere, you could even simplify it more by having Christmas paper and pens on the coffee table.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s fun and it’s not costing you much. Because really who needs to spend more money on something that can be created in house! Stay tuned for the next post in this series. We will be talking about more frugal decorating ideas for the Christmas season.

How do you decorate for the holidays? Any creative, frugal ideas, share them with us below!

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