Garden Love + DIY Pickle Jar Herb Garden

Summer is finally here! I have decided to start my garden back up and the results have been great so far.It was a rainy and miserable day, so what better to do then garden right? I managed to plant quite a bit on our small deck and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!


Most of the pots I had on hand, except for that blue coffee mug planter you see above! I found that beauty at Urban Barn for 40% off…One look and I was in love!


A few small planters to brighten up the space!


I got the great idea of making a tower planter for our balcony from Pinterest. Not only does it add height and privacy to our balcony, it is also extra easy to maintain as the top plant waters the bottom plants. I used lilies in my top planter for an extra splash of colour!


DIY Pickle Jar Herb Garden

Last but not least my pickle jar herb garden! In this case I used apple sauce jars, but any jar would work for this project.  All you need is a few jars, herbs of your choice, rocks/stones and some dirt! I chose to use basil, chocolate mint (Who knew?) and Greek oregano which is not pictured.  Make sure to put a good amount of stones or rocks in the bottom of each jar before the dirt. This will allow the roots to grow and hydrate properly in the jars. Once you have your rocks and soil in, add your herbs! Because of the small opening of the jar, I had to break up my herbs but they all managed to fit nicely in the end. I have used my basil quite a few times since planting and the mint is still growing strong.

The whole project only cost me about $10 as I had the jars and rocks on hand. It’s amazing what you can do with a few simple plants and a little dirt isn’t it? I can’t wait to add more jars to this line up and have fresh ingredients on hand at all times!


Have you taken on any gardening projects lately? Share them with us in the comments!


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