Garage Sales: 5 Tips To Know Before You Shop

Can you believe we’re officially into August? Where is the time going!?

While I can only speak for myself, I know I’m feeling like Summer is whipping by and I’m trying to soak up every last moment I can. One of my favorite parts about Summer are the new adventures and events that come with each month, but something that usually lasts all summer long are garage sales!

While you may be able to find a few garage sales throughout the year, Summer is truly the best time to shop. Sales can be found almost every weekend and you’ll get a variety of sales such as garage sales, estates sales and even community sales that last all day! Those are my favorite kind, because it means that treasure hunting can last for a few hours and you can always expect to leave with an armful of stuff.  So, what do you need to know before you shop? Well, I’ve got my top 5 tips for successful garage sale-ing and I’ve included a few of my favorite finds from the last few months.

5 Tips To Know Before You Shop Garage Sales:

  1. Look At Everything: It’s easy to overlook certain great finds when you’re focused on one particular item, so make sure you keep a wide vision while you shop. This means checking out every box, table and shelf to see what’s for sale and to see what may have been missed. This is especially a great tip if you’re looking for collectibles or items to resell as they can be small and hard to see.  Keep your eyes open and make sure to scour the whole sale before heading back to the car.
  2. Dress For The Sale: This one might sound funny, but when it comes to garage sales it matters  what you wear. While you won’t find a garage sale dress code, its noted that it can be helpful to leave expensive clothes, jewelry and purses at home to help you make a deal. The reason is this: When sellers see you with high-end clothing or name brands and you’re trying to haggle, it will be easy for them to realize that you may have more money to spend then your letting on. So, while you don’t have to think too much about it,  try to go to garage sales with your everyday clothes on and a simple stack of cash. This takes the wallet out of it and will help you give off a neutral vibe while you shop and haggle.
  3. Always Ask: Have you ever heard the statement “It can’t hurt to ask?” This couldn’t be a truer statement when it comes to scoping out sales and deals at garage sales.  No matter what the listed price is, make sure to ask what the price is first and don’t be afraid to try to make a deal. The worst thing that can happen is a seller says no and you either move on or pay the price they asked. If it’s clear there is no room for haggling, be respectful and either pay the price or move on to another sale. Sometimes, being respectful and nice works so well the seller will come back with a reconsidered price.
  4. Look Past Condition:  If it’s in a yard sale or sitting on the side of the road, it most likely isn’t in top-notch condition but that doesn’t mean you should write it off.  It’s easy to look at items for face value and move on but it doesn’t take much to take those “dusty” items and give them a little love. Whether it’s dusty, a little worn,  missing a piece or just needing a good paint job, think outside of the box and give that item some love. Before you know it, you’ll have a new to you treasure that has gotten a second chance to shine!
  5. Go Big, Or Go Home: When it comes to sales, I can tell you most sellers want to see their items GONE! Even more so, they want it gone all at once and as fast as possible which is a great point for buyers. If you see quite a few items that you like, group them together and talk to the seller about a group price for taking it all. This is your best bet for getting a good deal and sometimes the seller will throw items in for free just for buying in bulk!

Now, want to know what I’ve been buying? Check out my Summer sale finds below:

A vintage Starbucks find, in beautiful emerald green. Condition was top notch and the colour is to die for.

Our most recent finds at a community sale. Vintage records, home decor, a new video game and a sassy wine bag.

This one gets an extra showcase because of how ADORABLE it is. It will make a great addition to my vintage Christmas decorations. Also, you can’t beat that price.

Last but not least, our finds from a vintage market. Pretty much one massive indoor garage sale with all the treasures you can think of. The signs and ladder are handmade and so well-loved in our home.

Time To Go Treasure Hunting!



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