From Camp To Glamp: How To Make Camping More Comfortable

Mr. W & I just returned from a wonderful camping trip and a few days of R & R. Now when I say camping, I really mean “Glamping” because we camp with the comforts of home. Now, I know many people don’t believe it’s real camping until you have no cell service,  you’re sleeping on the ground and all the food is cooked over a fire, but that’s not how we roll.


Every since I was a little girl we have been camping in a trailer and in tents, but very rarely did we ever find ourselves roughing it like the conditions mentioned above.  This is because we choose to camp with a few comforts from home that not only make for an easy trip, it also ensures we will have the most relaxing time possible. So I’m here to bring you our favorite family tips on how to take your camping trip and turn it into a glamping trip with a few simple steps.

How To Make Camping More Comfortable:

  1. Consider Power: When you’re looking at a campsite, it’s extremely important to consider what you’ll need in advance, especially when it comes to having access to power and electrical plugs. Camping on a site that has power included makes life a bit easier and can really make things much more comfortable in the long run. For example by having power you would be able to bring a fan or heater to keep your general temperature comfortable and you’ll also have the ability to keep all electronic items charged and ready if you find you need them. It’s also important for cooking as you will be able to bring a few small appliances you may not have brought if you didn’t have access to a plug, such as a toaster or a kettle!  Having these little comforts from home can make all the difference in how your trip goes.
  2. Check Amenities: When you head out for camping, you want to make sure your basics are covered before you leave. This means checking the location you’re camping in and confirming they have proper amenities like a working toilet, running water and a shower. Because at the end of the day, these amenities making camping more enjoyable and will help you stay comfortable for the whole trip.
  3. Bring Comfort: When it comes to bringing comfort camping, my mind goes directly to sleeping arrangements. If there is anything that will take your camp to trip to a glamp trip, it will be bringing a proper bed and bedding to ensure you get a restful and relaxing sleep. Even if your tent is small or your sleeping outside, find a way to make your sleeping arrangement the most comfortable you can. This way you will be recharged for everyday of vacation and you won’t be feel groggy after sleeping uncomfortably.  I love to bring a duvet from home and proper sheets to make our camp bed, feel like our bed at home. Also consider bringing a comfortable pillow, an extra few blankets and your most loved pajamas to stay cozy at night.
  4. Plan Ahead: Planning ahead can really make or break a camping trip. This means planning out meals for the whole trip, preparing snacks and drinks and making sure you have covered off anything you might need before you leave. By prepping ahead of time and making a plan for the trip, it will take the guess-work out of camping and leave you with nothing but time to relax and unwind while you enjoy the great outdoors. Consider doing all grocery shopping prior to the trip and pack into coolers that can be used throughout the entire vacation.
  5. Eat Well: Last but not least, it’s important to keep eating well while you’re escaping reality and enjoying vacation. Now I’m not talking about eating healthy all the time, because let’s be honest this is still vacation and you deserve a treat. So, while it can be fun to have the traditional hot dogs and burgers while you camp, consider other items such as grilled chicken, seasonal vegetables, steak, homemade bread or even seafood if you’re a fan! Also, don’t forget to go all out on breakfast items and snacks to ensure you don’t go hungry and don’t have to work to hard to have a great meal while your away.

These are just a few tips to help you make the most out of your glamping trip and to make sure you spend more time making memories then you do setting up and maintaining camp.

On to the next adventure…



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