For The Love Of Blankets & How To Store Them

Hello, my name is Kate and I am a blanket addict…and you know what? I’m happy to admit it and shout out to the blogging world! My blanket obsession started early on with my very favorite baby blanket. It was the softest, white and pink blanket covered in Popples (Remember these guys?) and had a delicate white trim on the edges. My mom made it for me and it’s something I have loved since I was a baby.

Over the years that blanket started to disintegrate, to say the least, but leave it to good ol’ Mom to resurrect what is one of my most prized possessions. Just before our wedding, my mom hand sewed me a new Popples blanket, complete with vintage material, a piece from the original blanket and a brand new duvet on the inside. Not only did she do that for me, but she made one for Mr. W in a dashing Ninja Turtles print who seemed to have kept stealing mine over our dating years, which was a big point of contention in our household.

From Instagram: For the last 24ish years or so I’ve always had my Popples baby blanket. This year it finally disintegrated and my mom took on the challenge to replicate it. She did an AMAZING job & I now have something to pass down to my kids. Thanks Mom, Love ya! #Momsknowbest #Popples

So this leads me back to my point, I am a blanket addict and proud of it. With my baby blanket included, I most likely have 20+ blankets of all different shapes and sizes. In my mind the softer and the bigger, the better, but I’m not usually picky as long as the blanket has some weight to it and it allows the person in question to get as cozy as possible. However, all this blanket loving comes with a bit of a problem attached: how does one store so many blankets?! Well, you’ve come to the right place to figure it out!

How To Store Blankets:

1.  My first rule of thumb when it comes to storing blankets is to always have the best ones on display, because what good is a beautiful blanket when it can’t be seen! My favorite way to display and store blankets is by using a blanket ladder. These functional faux ladders make a great design statement while offering proper storage that looks amazing when displayed. We recently purchased our second one (see below) so we now have one in our main living space and in our bedroom. I love these ladders as they add a warm and inviting touch to our room while offering guests and our family something warm to curl up in when they come over for the night.

2.  When it comes to blankets, why hide them away! I love to have a good, solid blanket in arms reach at all times. So in this case if you have an ottoman, a couch or somewhere that you find yourself relaxing regularly, make sure to have a blanket draped near that space. Not only does a well place blanket make your whole living room feel more comfortable, it’s easy access for cuddling, napping or just general warmth. The blanket you see below was draped over our past couch and it provided the perfect warmth when the house started feeling a bit chilly.


3. Last but not least, when in doubt of where to store blankets, consider a basket! Baskets of blankets not only look incredibly inviting, they also add a certain amount of modern design to any space. I love having a bundle of blankets and pillows in a vintage metal basket next to our fireplace where they can be easily accessed and loved regularly. The great feature of storing blankets in a basket like this is they will be on display without standing out too much and can be grabbed at a moments notice. I love to change out the contents of the basket every few months to add a little variety to our design.

Pic Credit: Milashem

The moral of the story is that you can never have enough blankets and the storage options are pretty much endless when you get a little creative! I believe you should be surrounded by the things that you love and the things that make you happy and what’s better than a cozy blanket a good book right?


Stay Cozy…



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