Fall Home Design Trends For 2016

Can you believe we’re talking about fall already? It’s officially fall in 13 days and before you know it we will all be bundled up in sweaters, drinking warm drinks and watching the leaves fall. But before we get to that point, I think we better discuss what’s coming up in home design and what will be trending for this season!


In terms of fall color, I am seeing a lot of forest greens, smooth grey and rich red’s which I think is not only perfect for the upcoming season but really is a color palette that could last all year long or at least until spring hits! I love the idea of starting with a base neutral like grey or taupe and adding in those deep fall tones in accents such as blankets, pillows, decorative pieces etc.



Pic Credit: Kitchenaid

In terms of metals, it seems that copper is making a big comeback this year and will be ready to be shown once fall finally hits. The thing about metals is that they can apply almost anywhere in the home and look fantastic when mixed with other elements and colors.

Pic Credit: Beyondbright

I especially love copper when it’s shown in unexpected places like on a kitchen appliance or on larger decor pieces. I think this is because it can be a habit to display metals in small doses, but when presented correctly a metal such as copper can make a huge statement in a great way!

Pic Credit: Erikabrechtel

Last but not least, comfort is playing a big part in the trends for the season. Now, when I say comfort I don’t meant comfortable couches or chairs, more over comfortable “looking” accessories and furniture. I’m seeing a huge amount of super soft pillows, extra fluffy stools and even soft, luxurious furniture pieces.

Pic Credit: Bloglovin

I think what I love most about this trend is how bright and white most items are, acting as the perfect contrasting item to these darker, rich tones that we’re seeing for fall.  While  these softer white items may not be for every home they certainly make a stand out statement with their deep textures and bright appearance.

So, now that the fall trends have fallen in to place, it’s time to start decorating! Make your shopping list and go out searching for some new treasures that will fit your space perfectly for the fall season and beyond.

Time to bundle up & enjoy the season…



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