DIY Photo Booth

Last week, I got to share our wonderfully fun Christmas PJ Party. We had a photo booth that ended up being a hit and I want to share this fun project here on the blog! If you haven’t seen the party post, head here.

DIY Photobooth(Please note: This post uses sassy, swear word wrapping paper)

This project is perfect for any party, event or even dinner as it is so easy to make. I love the idea of taking fun and memorable pictures, so why not do that in front of an awesome back drop right? And make it even better by adding homemade props. For those looking to make their own props, I used a free set I found on Pinterest and added my own twist to them. With this DIY the options are endless, so grab your supplies and follow along!

DIY Photobooth

 For this project you’ll need:

  • 4 x Squares (Or Roll) of High Quality Wrapping Paper. (I picked this very original print from Urban Outfitters)
  • Scissors
  • Decor Border Wall Tape. I found this in my home department at my local Wal-Mart.
  • Clear Tape-For extra support.

DIY Photobooth

To get started, tape up one to two square sheets on the wall with clear tape. This way you can work out the spacing and size prior to apply the decor tape. Also, the clear tape will act as an extra support to keep the wrapping together.

Once you have the top half of your paper taped to the wall, work on the first corner. I had to play around with my sizing when it came to the corners, but once you have one cut you’ll have a template for the rest of them.  Note: While decor tape doesn’t remove paint or damage the wall, it does stick to the wrapping quite quickly. Just make sure when you stick it on, your happy with where it goes!

DIY Photobooth

Now, if you are happy with how it looks with just the corners, you can leave it as is. We had bought extra tape and decided to fill in the top and sides of the backdrop with the rest of our decor tape.  As you work your way around, make sure to push air bubbles out as you go. Ours turned out pretty flat, but there were some air pockets that could have been removed.

Finally, Test out the booth! I luckily had a perfect model on hand to show off our photo booth. What would I do without him? For more on this project and some photo booth photos from the party visit here.


I hope you have as much fun as we did building and using this photo booth. Just remember, this can be done for any season, with any kind of paper! The options are endless.

Have you ever made a DIY photo booth? Let us know below!

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