DIY Nail Polish Storage

Over the weekend I finally conquered a project that has been on my to do list forever: Nail Polish Organization! This project is simple, doesn’t take much elbow grease and it looks amazing once you’re finished! Check out the easy step by step below!

DIY Nail Polish Storage
DIY Nail Polish Storage
Start With A Box: It can be any box really, clear plastic, an old jewelry box or like mine above a cute thrift store find! This particular box has been sitting around my house looking sad and empty, so I figured it would be perfect for this project. All you have to make sure of is that your box is taller than a nail polish bottle. Mine also has a tray that fits in on the top which I used for my nail file and any nail stickers.
DIY Nail Polish StorageGather: Gather up every nail polish you can find. This project actually turned into a bit of a clean out as I had a ton of nail polishes to either get rid of or give a good wipe down. So if you have the time, try and go through your collection and throw away what you don’t need/use. Head to the next step once you have collected all the bottles.
DIY Nail Polish StoragePaint: Now comes the fun part of the project! Start with the first bottle and drip a few drops of paint on the top lid of the bottle. Once it has dried you’ll be able to see the colour as it would look on your nails. Do this with all your other colours and let them dry for about 5 minutes. Also, I skipped doing this to my nude/clear colours as they barely showed up on the lid.
DIY Nail Polish
That’s It! Once all your bottles have dried you should have something that looks like this. Now you know what every colour looks like, before you paint it on and you have the perfect storage solution for all those bottles! If you are feeling like going the extra mile, line all your polishes up in colour order to give them a more uniformed look!
 How Do You Organize Nail Polish Or Beauty Supplies? Let Us Know Below!

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