DIY Greeting Card Keepsake Album

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Going through all baby Noah’s stuff, I came across the huge pile of greeting cards we’ve received from baby showers, welcoming our baby boy into this world.  Knowing that I could never part with them and needing to do something to keep them all together, I started looking for inspiration. Then I remembered a great idea I saw awhile ago, on how to create and present a greeting card memory book. The best part being that I could pass it down when Noah got older.  

Endless greeting cards!

So I started my project by buying metal rings to start building my special book.  We found these rings at Michael’s but I know you can buy a bigger pack from Staples.  Depending on how many cards you need to keep together, you can buy different sizes.  We bought the 6 cm size but there was 4 cm available as well.


To make the book our own, I asked Noah’s daddy to draw the cover and back for me.  Sticking with our Winnie the Pooh theme, we came up with a design and got to work.

The draft and final cover.  Now I get to feel like a kid again and COLOR!!


Front cover is colored, now time for Daddy to draw out the back cover.


Back to coloring!


Getting there….

Just the presents left to color….


Once I was done coloring, I decided to laminate the front and back to make the covers a bit more sturdy.


Now that the covers are finished, I took all of Noah’s cards and cut them in half.  This was so when you open the book, it could lay flat.


With all the cards cut, I then punched two holes into each card.  I only had a single hole punch tool, so I would recommend using a 2 hole punch to make the job a little easier.
With all the cards punched, I put the covers and card on to the rings and VIOLA, a keepsake Noah can show his children years down the road.


I would like to make more of these for each Holiday, year after year.  Its such a joy to be reminded of the ones who are part of your life sending love and best wishes.

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